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50% Off Sale!

March 10 – April 30

We’re having a 50% off sale on services: wedding videography, video editing, VHS conversion, etc. Anything not already discounted (Concerts, funerals, etc.) is included. Travel, shipping, etc. is not included. Weddings will get the discount as long as they are booked prior to April 30. Take the price shown on this site and subtract 50% – that’s your cost for the next seven weeks.

Why am I doing this? Well, business has been a bit slow and I’m trying to see if a radical discount will attract new clients… or if, in these days of cheap iPhone video, people just want to shop the bargain basement for video services. I think it’s the latter – and I challenge you to prove me wrong! Email me at CBvideo@comcast.net or call me at 804-240-3078.

Welcome to Charles Batteau Video Services!

Weddings, major birthdays, family reunions, funerals and other occasions are exciting times and filled with moments that you want to remember and savor in the years to come. While photographic records are important (and should be a part of every important occasion), video adds a continuous memory of the event, complete with audio, that cannot be duplicated in any other form. For some events, like a concert or a festival, videography cannot be matched by any other medium for reliving the occasion over and over again.

Charles Batteau Video Services provides coverage of your family’s major events. We also provide other services such as insurance records, recitals, conversion of old media to CD/DVD, etc. Please look over our website and see how Charles Batteau Video Services can make your memories richer.

Why have a video record?

There are many possible reasons for wanting a video record:

  • Reliving the day (especially important for weddings)
  • Allowing family members who were not there to experience the occasion later
  • Promoting your own business or career
  • Providing instructions for making something (an origami figure, for example)

For weddings, family reunions, significant birthdays and other events, a video record is essential. There are so many participants, and so many stories to tell, that it is impossible for one person to hear, much less remember everything that takes place. For other events, like concerts, award ceremonies, funerals, etc., a video provides a lasting memory for the family.

By having a videographer record the big event plus anecdotes from the participants, not only does everybody attending have a record, but it can be shared with those who were unable to be present.