Charles Batteau Video Services

“A la carte” pricing

These prices are for commercial work and other videography for which we haven’t created a package. Note that we have a special place in our hearts for the Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts, the military, and religious organizations. We’re likely to discount our prices for these organizations to make it more affordable for individuals. Contact us for a quotation! 

Single camera coverage, high definition, per hour
(does not include editing). Two hour minimum charge.
$350 per day plus
$50 per hour
Two-videographer coverage$600 per day plus
$75 per hour
Editing of video recording$50 / hour
Wireless Microphone for speaker or performer
(as part of video recording)
$50 per microphone
Travel to and from job (if over 30 miles one way)$0.50 per mile
“Raw footage” from cameras on USB driveNative format from
camera (MXF), $50
Transcoded to MP4
or other format, $75
Conversion of VHS tape to DVD
(non-copyrighted material only)
$25 per VHS tape
($15 each
for extra DVDs)
Scanning of slides or prints to digital media
(CD/DVD – or customer-supplied thumb drive).
Includes basic editing.
$25 per 12 slides
$25 per 25 prints
Drone Videography$300 (basic) to
$600+ (extensive)
Live streaming of event (single camera) –
requires WI-FI internet access
Closed captioning
(English speech to English captions)
Editing rate: approximately
$10/min of dialog.
(Less if transcript supplied)
Closed captioning (other languages)Editing rate plus cost of translation
if professional translator employed