Charles Batteau Video Services strives to provide video records of important personal occasions at a reasonable cost to the customer. To this end we are very flexible in the services we offer.


Company history

Charles Batteau Video Services was begun in 2007 in reaction to the poor quality of the video recordings of our children’s high school graduations and, before that, their school plays, chorus recitals, etc. I knew that it should be possible to create a quality video recording at a reasonable cost that everybody would enjoy.

Prior to working in videography I was a serious photographer for many years. I also work with producing the TV broadcast of worship services and other events at First Baptist Church, Richmond.


Why choose Charles Batteau Video Services?

• Flexibility

Because we are a small company, we are willing to work with you to do a video the way you want. We want you to fully enjoy your keepsake!

• Price

While quality videography is never cheap, we strive to make our services affordable for the average budget. Although we publish a price list, we will work with you to create a quality memory at a price you can afford.

• Extra Services

Included in the basic package are things that other companies charge extra for, such as a multiple cameras, attending the rehearsal, multiple copies of the DVD, etc.

• Thoroughness

From pre-planning to the end of the event, we work with you to create the perfect memory.

We Give Back !!

We are strong believers in supporting the faith community in Richmond. We donate ten percent of our fee to the church where the wedding (or other event) was held, to our own church, or to Richmond Children’s Hospital.


“Thank you so much for the Haney wedding videos … we’ve had fun watching it. It was great to see & hear their vows from the other view!” – Shirley Rudin (sent by the mother of the bride)

“Thank you for the video of our wedding. I would like to get three more copies of the video for my family.” – Amy Davis

“Mr. Batteau and his assistant did an excellent job at my wedding on October 6. I was truly impressed with everything; our families are eagerly awaiting the next opportunity to utilize their services. Thank you Mr. Batteau for everything!!!” – Nakeisha Wooden