Charles Batteau Video Services


A video of a concert can be a wonderful memory of a child’s (or adult’s!) progress in performance – or it can provide a launch for a career in performance.

We generally record concerts using three cameras and two videographers. This creates a superior-quality video. We also pull audio from the house sound system so that we are not dependent upon a camera-mounted microphone or a single microphone on the stage.

Generally, one DVD comes with the service. If you are interested in selling copies of the DVD to families, we can work out a package deal for multiple copies; however, unless you sell a LOT of copies, you will probably have to underwrite at least some of the cost as a business expense. In addition to the DVD, we will create clips of individual selections for your use for promotional purposes.

Pricing will depend upon the duration of the event and how much editing we expect to do. See our price list for an idea of a “list price,” but keep in mind that we discount prices for churches and schools. So, contact us to work out the details – concert videography CAN be affordable!