Charles Batteau Video Services



A funeral is intended to facilitate healing for the family and friends of the deceased; however, oftentimes the grief is so great that we don’t actually hear the words said by the minister. A funeral video can help with healing by allowing the family to hear the words and music again, when the feeling is not quite so raw.

A funeral video can also help bring closure for family members who are unable to attend the funeral.

We can record a funeral in a funeral home or in a church. As always, we work with the minister or funeral director to ensure that we stay out of peoples’ way and show proper reverence.

We record the funeral using two video cameras and, usually, a separate audio pickup so that it will be possible to understand every word said. If we record the graveside service as well, we use a single camera with an on-camera microphone. We strive to be as reverent and unimposing as possible, although at the gravesite it is more difficult simply because of the limited amount of space available.


We strive to keep the cost of funeral videos low in order to accommodate the grieving family.

  • Funeral Service: $300
  • Funeral Service plus Graveside service: $400
  • Travel over 50 miles round trip, per mile: $0.50


Below are excerpts from a couple of funerals we have covered.