Charles Batteau Video Services

Media Conversion


Do you have family movies or recordings on VHS tape or cassettes? What about old pictures or those 35mm slides you took years ago? We will transfer those recordings to DVD, CD or a USB drive. (Sorry, we cannot transfer copyrighted recordings like LP records, commercial movies or studio photographs.)

Note that the colors in slides, especially Ektachrome® or other manufacturers’ equivalents, will deteriorate over time and have a pronounced red shift. Kodachrome® slides and color prints will fade over time, but colors tend to remain true. We will correct any color shift or fading to the best of our abilities; however, some changes may not be correctable. For slides, we can also, to some extent, remove scratches and other surface imperfections.

For VHS tape conversion, we can convert the tapes as they are or we can apply basic editing to them. Options include adding chapters, color correction, shake reduction (not elimination), etc. You tell us what you want. Hourly editing charges will apply.

You can use the form, below, to send the media to us. After conversion, we will send you an invoice and, upon payment, ship the old and the new media to you.


Conversion of VHS tape to DVD (non-copyrighted material only) $25 per VHS tape ($20 each for extra DVDs)
Scanning of slides or prints to CD – or customer-supplied thumb drive). Includes basic editing. $25 per 12 slides $25 per 25 prints
Scan to thumb drive in lieu of CD/DVD + $25
Extra CD / DVD $15



Media Conversion Request Form