Charles Batteau Video Services

Speeches, Presentations, Instructional Videos


A video of your speech can serve many purposes:

  • replaying for additional groups
  • providing excerpts for television and radio media
  • keeping a record of what you said

Videography of a speech is very affordable. We generally shoot the speech with two cameras and pick up the speaker’s voice using a wireless microphone, thus avoiding any audience noise; however, if there is audience feedback, we will provide a microphone to pick that up or use an on-camera microphone to pick up ambient sound.



This pricing covers cameras, one wireless microphone on the speaker, editing and one copy of the video on a DVD or USB drive.

  • Basic coverage – two cameras, one hour speech: $500
  • Additional hours – $50 per hour
  • Additional videographer – $200 plus $25 per hour
  • Lighting (generally not necessary) – $50
  • Mileage for travel over 30 miles – $0.50 per mile


Sample videos

Below are excerpts from a couple of speeches we have recorded.